Turn your notebook as a wifi router with Connectify !

This is my own experience when I moved to Germany (I am from Indonesia). At the first time, I came to my dormitory room, I found that the only one possibility to connect internet is using LAN Cable. And, I cannot using my phone because I do not have sim card. I tried to find solution by making my laptop as a wifi router.

I try many application that recommended in the Internet. Most of them useless. Then, I tried Connectify as my friend in Taiwan recommended me to use it. At the moment, I just tried to use trial version which will be disconnect every 30 minutes.

After, I experienced the program. I really satisfied that I can use all my device to connect to the internet through Connectify.

How to get and  the application?
1. Simply, click http://www.connectify.me/ and download the application
2. Install the application
3. Open the application.
4. Choose the internet connection that you want to share
5. Customize your wifi name and password
6. then click Start Hotspot

I recommend you to buy the license of this product because it's simple and useful.

NB: I am using Windows 8 with 64 bit.


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