Explaination about 'full-breasted' on Surah An-Naba 33

I have one course, here in Germany, in which I learn mostly all religions in the world. Especially, we focus to the relationship between religions and economics. This course basicly try to answer 'which religion is the most suitable for economic development?'. 

 There are a lot of intresting things during the class. One of my friend from Bulgaria, who is christian, ask to my professor about Al-Baqarah 256 which is mentioned that 'There is no insist to accept Islam'. She said 'if there is no insist to accept Islam, why they do Jihad?'. Then, my professor explained about Jihad very well. He said 'Jihad is not a war, Jihad is effort'. 

Another funny question, when my friend from China ask about An-Naba 33, which mention that 'swiveling breast'. She asked that 'I am a girl, so according to Islam, in heaven I will get a men with a big penis?'. I really interested to explained and confirmed about that. In my professor guidelines it is written that the one who are going to heaven (afterlife), will get a lot of women with swivelling breast.
An 33-well

I checked on Al-Quran An-Naba 33, it is mentioned 'And full-breasted [companions] of equal age'. In Indonesian translation 'montok'. Actually, that word just want to explain that the women in heaven has full breast which means they are still young and virgin. So, there is no porn side on Al quran at all. And the best answer, if women ask 'Will I get men with a big penis?' is WOMEN will be an angel for men.

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