English Bisnis !!!

Hari ini gw praktek bahasa inggris, buat nilai Final !!

Arida tamsil : Hello, Good morning. This is Mr. Brian’s office!
Faiz : Hello, can I speak to Mr. Brian, please?
Arida tamsil : I’m afraid he’s in a meeting now. Can I help?
Faiz : No, Thanks. I need to talk to Mr Brian, I think. What time will he
be out of the meeting?
Arida tamsil : In about an hour. Can you call back later?
Faiz : Okay, I will do that.
Arida tamsil : Or can I take a message?
Faiz : Well, I would like to arrange an appointment to see him, please.
It’s Khairul Faiz here.
Arida tamsil : Could you hold on for a minute, Mr Parker. I’ll just look in the
diary. So when’s convenient for you?
Faiz : Some time next week if possible. I gather he’s away the following
Arida tamsil : Yes, that’s right, he’s on holiday for a fortnight.
Faiz : Well, I need to see him before he goes away. So would next
Wednesday be okay?
Arida tamsil : Wednesday . let me see . he's out of the office all morning. But
he's free in the afternoon, after about three.
Faiz : Three o'clock is difficult.
Arida tamsil : What about four?
Faiz : Okay, but I could make it after four.
Arida tamsil : So shall we say 4.15 next Wednesday, in Mr Brian’s office?
Faiz : Yes, that sounds fine. Thanks very much.
Arida tamsil : You’re welcome
Faiz : Good Bye
Arida tamsil : Bye

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