10 Things Caused Global Business

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1. The falling of Berlin Wall and Discovery power of Windows (PC)
Windows in PC make no border of communication, digitalization, and make computer more accessable for everyone. While, The falling of Berlin wall make reintegration between east part and west part.

2. Worldwide Web (Internet)
Internet leads to open access for everyone who want to do business globally.

3. Worldflow Software / Instant Communication (Email)
Email makes people easy to be connected each other.

4. Uploading / Power of Community
Facebook, Wikipedia, Amazon are several examples that by uploading something, there will be a big power of community.

5. Outsourcing
India is one of the biggest outsource country. They know Information Technology and also speak in English. So, they can do job even they are not in the location.

6. Offshoring
Mercedez decide to create them product in South Africa because production cost is cheaper in terms of labour and currency.

7. Suply Chain
Supply Chain management leads "How to get supply from suppliers and How to distribute goods to consumer", both in efficient way.

8. Insourcing
The exist of some cargo company such as FedEX, DHL and stuff  make people able to distribute goods to all over the world.

9. Informing
It become more and more easy to get information. Just type it in google, and  for a few seconds you will get what you are looking for.

10. Steroids.


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