Stop Your Online Video for Advertisement

New trend is coming!

Nowdays, for sure, it is become less and less people spend their time in front of TV during the day, as people needs has changed by being more mobile. Contents from mobile itself switch to be more variative, which can be personalized based on customer's needs. Not only for getting entertainment, but also for updating news, sport, music, etc.

Everyone is mobile. Currently, the number of internet users worldwide was 3,17 billion, which is dramatically grown up from 2,94 billion in the previous year. This fact means, people have a new habit and new trend regarding their needs.

Tablet and smartphone as a new TV shape

In this year, in the second quarter, almost half of all online videos plays were on mobile device, which extreamly increased from one year ago by 78%. This trend are expected to be continuing in the next couple of years. In fact, younger consumer drive this global trend in using mobile video, as they are generally accepted watching any content from any screen.

More specifically, mobile phone screen are populary used for watching short duration video, which lengths 1-3 minutes. Meanwhile for long duration video, over 10 minutes or even more than 30 minutes, tablets (57%) and connected TV(53%) saw a slightly higher percentage of views than dekstop and mobile phone. People prefer to watch it in a bigger screen. 

Boosting Revenue

According to Ooyala Global Video Index, in this quarter, more than 40 companies across Europe succeed to make 25% more effective cost per thousands impression and pump up their revenue up to 119 % by using specific programmatic online advertising. In addition, ad impression itself for broadcaster, there was a significant rise from 28% to 30% on mobile devices in this quarter, while ad impression on PC getting down from 54% to 47%.

In the other hand, for publishers, the growth was even starker. Ad impression of both mobile phones (34%) and tablets (15%) contributed for nearly one half (49%), up from just more than one third (38%) in the first quarter. Publishers saw PC impressions drop to 50% from 62% in the previous quarter. To put it in a nutshell, all the figures shows that people become more mobile than before. 

Why you should stop online video for advertisement?

Looking to all the facts above, it is the beginning of new era, the right time to switch to online video advertisement. However, you have to stop your online advertisement video, if you cannot optimize it, as you have spent money for making the video, for sure, no one want to lost their invest by delivering video in a wrong way. You are required to not only deliver your video, but also managing and monitoring the video untill reach the customer. 

In fact, managing and monitoring online video will be complicated without special tools. Youbora Analytics is all-in-one solution for video analytics and optimization platform for IP delivered video, designed for broadcasters, content distributors and media groups. Youbora provide 1-minute real-time data of your audiance which you can use for making every single important decision in your business.

How Youbora works?

The Incredible Features of Youbora

YOUBORA Analytics provide several tabs: 
  1. Dashboard: first glance that will shows geographical distribution (by country and city) around the world, separated by Live and VOD content. 
  2. Audience: Real-time on key streaming KPIs like concurrent users, which provide information regarding to hours and total plays. It is also possible to do multi-dimentional filtering. 
  3. Quality: Gain full visibility of your end users’ quality of experience by analyzing the content performance before, during and after playbacks. It includes multi-dimentional filtering. 
  4. Zoom: See into your audience by using side-by-side comparisons of key metrics to identify major changes and shifts in your end user experience. 
  5. Engagement: Understand the level of engagement viewers have with your content based upon several measurements of time and quality. 
YOUBORA Analytics Add-Ons: 
- Additional Custom Filtering Parameters 
- Multi-screen Resume for nomadic watching & User’s Concurrency Control

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