Student Insurance in Germany

There are a lot of people asked me about student insurance in Germany. With this simple writing, hopefully many people can get direction how to choose the best, the cheapest insurance for student in Germany.

As it is exactly required by government, student must be covered by health insurance to protect themselves from risk. It is also related to the high cost of health treatment in German Hospital.

Firstly, I would like to divide student insurance into 2 parts. The first one is public insurance, which is conducted by state companies, and the second one is privat insurance. For the people who are under 25 years old, I recommended you to take public insurance. Meanwhile, for the people more than 25 years old, it is better to take the private one. Why? Let me explain in the next paragraph !

Public Insurance
There are so many choices for public insurance companies, such as TK, AOK, BARMER-GEK, and so on. The rate is flat. Mostly all the public insurance companies have the same price for student insurance. March 2015, the rate is 81 Euro per month. It has covered almost all kind of treatments without bring money to the hospital, just show your insurance card.

  • Advantages : Flat rate, cover (mostly) all kind of treatments, no need to bring money
  • Disadvantages : the price is different if you are more than 25 years old (almost double)

Privat Insurance:
There are also many-many private insurance companies in Germany. One of the most popular one is MAWISTA. But, once more, I recommended you to take this private insurance if you are more than 25 years old. The price is cheaper than the price offered by public insurance. March 2015,it is only 35 Euro per month, but it is not covered all treatment and also you have to use your own money (cash) in hospital, and send the bill in the end period. Next, the private insurance company will send you the money as much as you spend in hospital.

  • Advantages : cheaper, suitable for +25 years old
  • Disadvantages : Using your own money (risky, if the cost is really high) and not covered all treatment

That's my review for Student Insurance in Germany. If you have any questions, text me on twitter @daengfaiz. Aufwiedersehen.


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